Local Attractions 

Spanish is a natural pit-stop for North Channel island-hoppers or a great place to stay for awhile. The modern, full-service marina has a laundromat, fitness centre, wireless internet, clean showers, sauna and more. Spanish is an important Gateway to the North Channel because it is a short hop to the beautiful Benjamin Islands group and closer still to the island-speckled waters of Whalesback and McBean Channels.

The town prides itself on being a convenient beginning, middle or ending for visits to these popular anchoring spots. Spanish is much more than a place to simply fuel up and run. Coupled with the Waterfront Marina Complex, there are many local businesses in the downtown core that provide all the amenities you need. Boat and auto repair, restaurants (licensed and unlicensed), groceries, hardware, liquor and beer store, bank, post office, gift shop and more.